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Deeper Dive into "Budoji: A Tale of the Divine City of Ancient Korea"

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Study Budoji with the translator, editor, publisher of the book!

Budoji: A Tale of the Divine City of Ancient Korea is the first English publication of the ancient text written by ancient Silla's Jesang Park. This edition also includes analysis by the scholar of Korean Shamanism, Sungje Park, along with a complete overview of Korean Shamanism.

This course is an opportunity to dig deeper into the original text by Park and additional wisdom shared by Cho. It will help you integrate the wisdom from these stories as your own, and give you the opportunity to ask questions and share your insight with other readers.

This course is ideal for those of Korean Diaspora. It was designed for and taught from the point of view of people learning and sharing the wisdom of their Korean ancestors.

This course includes:

  • Four video discussions on the chapters of the book (pre-recorded).
  • A digital book of Budoji: A Tale of Divine City of the Ancient Korea with an Overview of Korean Shamanism (Alpha Sisters Publishing).
  • Additional wisdom and stories that did not make the editor's cut into the final book which may provide more insights and inspiration.

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Seo Choi
Seo Choi

Seo is a shaman, coach, author who empowers women to move outside their comfort zones, manifest transformation and play big. I help women get out of their own head and embrace the WOO to trust themselves to change their lives, thrive in their world on their own terms…and in their own way. She is the founder of Alpha Female Sisterhood and Alpha Sisters Publishing.

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